High Speed Internet
Air Fiber 1
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Fast Affordable High Speed Internet Service for the residents of the Hemet / San Jacinto Valley!
*Now also available in the high desert.
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All Voice  Plans include:

Unlimited Nationwide Calling,
Caller I.D.,
3 way calling,
Call Forwarding,
Call Waiting,
Free # Porting! "Keep your old number"

All AF1 Internet Packages include these features.

• Reliable broadband Internet.

• No usage limits on the amount of data transferred per month (no fair access policy restrictions)

• A safe and fully encrypted network.

• 99% up time.

• Low latency* which is ideal for online gamers, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), and online television and movies

• Our service is always on.

• Friendly, knowledgeable support staff to help you with your questions.